Flush Sewage Backups Down the Drain

Flush Sewage Backups Down the Drain

Restore flow within your home in Denver, CO

Tree roots or other obstructions can cause blockages in your sewage system. This creates a laundry list of problems within the home. Address sewage backups immediately by working with Alpha Restoration. We'll power wash the affected area using antimicrobial agents.

If you need sewage cleanup services in Denver, CO, call now for your free estimate.

Signs you need sewage cleanup services

There are several signs that indicate you need sewage cleanup services. Consider a few:

  • Trouble flushing your toilets
  • Sewage accumulating in your basement
  • Foul odors coming from your drains
  • Water not draining properly

These are the tell-tale signs of sewage backups. Addressing these issues as soon as they occur is key to preventing irreversible damage.

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